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Why you should use Sofa tables

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antique console table

Sofa tables are really great: their versatility in the various tasks and usage combined with sturdy construction techniques and modern materials allow them to be made from almost anything, with surprisingly good durability and toughness.

The question is what are the possible advantages of the sofa tables over the other versions? There are so many permutations and different types of tables like the console table, or the end table sets. What makes the sofa table so different?

Let’s do a little comparison.

To start, let’s use the antique console table. These tables are derived from the older designs of the 17th century tables used by the French. They are well made, durable and very useful in a myriad of situations and circumstances.

However, most of the time, the antique console table is almost exclusively made out of hardwoods. While these impart a great amount of tensile strength and durability, the very same properties make it rather expensive to construct. These hardwoods usually take a fair amount of time to grow and harvest (usually upwards of 5 years or sometimes even a decade at a minimum!) Often, cyclic demand of these hardwoods can also periodically drive up their prices, causing the price of the antique console table to soar beyond the current market value. Unless you have deep pockets or are hell bent on a console table, these usually may place them out of the reach of many consumers (for a while at least).

The next categories of tables are the end table sets. These end table sets are usually not made of hardwoods, but rather of varying types of materials that range from veneer boards, MDF (Medium Density Fiberboards) all the way to plastics and even metals and glass. The huge differences in types of materials used also vary the costs of the end table sets.

Usually, the cheaper end table sets are constructed of veneer and MDF, which grants them moderate strength and durability. These are usually nowhere near the strength of hardwoods, but at least they are much cheaper. That also means that the cheaper end table sets aren’t able to hold as much weight too.

The better made ones constructed of steel and occasionally glass usually is much more expensive, but have strengths likely exceeding some hardwood models. However, glass can be dangerous for homes with hyperactive pets or curious toddlers, and can cause grievous harm to them, so that is a point to note.

Usually, sofa tables are often constructed with several materials blended into its design (i.e. MDF/veneer boards combined with metal and plastics) to give a better, all round balance of strength, durability and price. Of course, these sofa tables also come in many variants for different purposes.

For the buying who loves having a beautiful, modern and contemporary home, the glass sofa table is a great choice (assuming he doesn’t have a young child at home, and he’s not too clumsy either) for his own enjoyment, or for having guests over.

For the more family oriented, traditional family, a rustic sofa table made of a combination of hard and soft woods, supported with metallic struts would give a sense of warmth and coziness to the living room, making it the ideal place for the children to grow up in.

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