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Home Accent Wooden White Sofa Table

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A beautifully made white sofa table with an antique, art deco style top. It is extremely beautiful, and blends well with great modern interior design of any style!

white sofa table

Have you ever wanted a beautiful white sofa table to match the window drapes and curtains?

Now you can! This Home Accent table would be one of the best fits for that. It is beautifully made, delicate looking and will fit any modern home décor.

Made of wood, this rustic sofa table is exquisitely constructed and painted in pure white. The white color of this table seems to give it an air of exclusiveness and classy elegance, especially when paired with similarly white window drapery, or with other furniture that is white.

Surprisingly, it also seems to go extremely well with colors on the opposite end of the spectrum, giving your home a seemingly large juxtaposition of tones, highlighting the beauty and creativity (or eccentricity) or the home designer.

Perhaps the most striking thing about this table that gives it a rustic feel is the art deco style of carving on the top face of the table. Intricately carved and immensely beautiful, the surface is of course a welcome sight to see when placing something on its surface.

Perhaps the more artistic of home owners would further customize and accentuate the carvings by adding on marker highlights or even repainting the carvings a darker hue, further contrasting the already beautiful curves and sweeps of the carvings.

Despite the larger dimensions of 35 x 14 x 29 inches, the rustic sofa table is not heavy: it weighs a mere 21 pounds. This is both an advantage and disadvantage.

The advantage is that because of its relatively light stature, assembling this rustic sofa table is made easy, as the individual parts are light to carry around the home. This also means that a single person can easily assemble the table in any corner of the home or apartment with little difficulty.

The disadvantage here is that the table will not be able to handle very heavy loads on the table tops. The wood is not solid, so that also means that the same quality that makes the table light, also somewhat reduces its load bearing capacity (Then again, this table was never rated for heavy loads) which can make the table look and feel somewhat flimsy.

Another possible disadvantage is that the white is easily dirtied, and after some time it CAN turn a little chalky (Though this doesn’t always happen. It depends on the conditions the paint is subjected to). So, it would be a good idea to seal the paint with a sealant spray first, or to repaint it in a different colour, if so you choose.


  • Solid white sofa table
  • Easily painted over a new color if you choose
  • Intricate carving on surface for beautiful décor!
  • Dimensions are 35 x 14 x 29 inches.


  • Assembly required
  • A little flimsy (the table itself is not very heavy)
  • A good idea to spray a sealant on the table before usage


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