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Global Furniture Glass End Table

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A contemporary retouch on a rustic end table. Glass can always make even an older rustic end table look modern and beautiful.

Rustic end table

Once upon a time, wooden materials usually gave tables an almost rustic, antiquated feel, especially when the wood used for the table looked visibly distressed (of course, but not structurally unsound). Today, Global Furniture USA takes it a step further and used a cleaner finish on the walnut legs as a the base, whilst outfitting it with frosted and clear glass onto the table, attached by four metal bars. The rustic end table has been retrofitted for use in the future.

Manufactured by the Global Furniture USA, this beautifully furnished rustic end table has been given a new lease of life by the company’s creative design team: Using walnut, traditionally a material used for furniture, gives the entire chassis of the table a strong foundational chassis, and grants the table an interesting feel of rustic and contemporary hues.

The next step is in the addition of the four steel struts that is also the basis of the table top and bottom storage layers, anchoring itself to the walnut frame for exceptional support and stability.

As you can see from the photo, the top layer is clear glass; this turns the table from rustic, to a glass end table that looks more modern and at home with present day apartments and homes (unless your vision for your home was meant as a rustic, antiquated home filled with wood and natural, organic shapes). The bottom layer attached to the steel struts is made of frosted glass, which gives it a beautiful bottom (and also hides whatever crumbs dropped underneath the table. The guests will never know!).

Of course, while beautiful, an important point to note is that glass is fragile, even with the more advanced construction methods available for toughened glass today. As such, it may not be a great idea for you to have this glass end table in your home if you have overactive pets, or young toddlers running around. If they were to run into the table and smash it, the injuries they can sustain can be quite devastating indeed, not just to them, but the shards pose a significant danger to everyone around as well.

Thankfully, this table is rather easy to clean thanks to the sleek, smooth surfaces. The glass is best cleaned with microfiber cloth to prevent unnecessary water streak marks from marring the surface, and the steel and walnut just needs a wipe down. However, do ensure that these surfaces are both dried after wiping; the steel MAY corrode overtime if not dry, and the walnut can absorb the water, potentially warping it (especially after years of use, when the protective coating can wear out)


  • End Table Clear with Walnut colored legs
  • From the Global Furniture USA T646 Collection
  • 1 Year Limited Manufacturer Warranty
  • Clear frosted glass with walnut Legs
  • Contemporary style-works great with most any décor


  • Not ideal for homes with very active animals or young toddlers.
  • Preferably good to keep surfaces dry


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