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Ashley Mestler Rustic Brown Console Table

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An antique console table with additional storage built into the table itself. So it’s Rustic AND highly Functional.

antique rustic table

Normally, one would find antique console tables in places with clearance sales or moving out sales of older homes, estates and offices.

In any case, it is also pretty rare to find a ‘modern’ looking rustic console table with storage, at least one that fully captures the distressed feel and look of the pre-modern era tables.

Thankfully, Signature Design by Ashley has created such a console table with storage that snags the essence of the beauty and design of the antique pieces, combined with the high quality of construction and styling that is sure to fit into any modern, contemporary home today.

First off, this console table with storage is crafted from specially selected veneers and certain hardwood solids. To those who are not aware, hardwood solids were used in the making of many high quality, long lasting pieces of furniture in the 19th century.

If you’ve seen those still in use in homes or in museums, hardwoods are the testament to that durability. The same types of hardwoods are still in use for this particular antique console table.

Thanks to the toughness and strength of these woods, the table is able to shoulder a significant load: it can carry a modern 55 inch flat screen television, along with the various DVD players and electronics necessary to connect the multitude of machines together for a great viewing experience.

The legs of the table can also be removed (or not attached during assembly) for more surface area on the floor, reducing the pressure on 4 points on your floor or carpet (the base of the table is completely flat)

That said, while hardwood is very dense and resistant to many forms of external damage, it does make the table rather heavy and difficult to move around. At 83 pounds, this table is no lightweight piece of furniture.

Fortunately, the table doesn’t come in one piece; there is some form of assembly required on the consumer’s end. This at least makes assembling and placing the table at a certain area of the home much easier than it is to shift the 83 pound table around the house. The assembly is easy enough for a single person to assemble it! (Of course, it is faster for two people to do it).

That said, due to the quality of materials used in its design, this console table with storage is rather pricey. However, the higher price is also offset by the longevity of the table (if properly maintained and not ill-treated, the table can last decades!), which offers more value than the price of the antique console table itself.


  • Dimensions are 42 x 15 x 30 inches
  • Made of select veneers and hardwood solids
  • Medium brown rustic finish
  • 2 slat style drawers with color accented finishes
  • Slat style lower shelf with color accented finishes
  • Extremely sturdy thanks to the hardwoods used


  • Heavy for an antique console table. It weighs 83 pounds
  • Due to materials used, it is rather pricey
  • Self-assembly required (easy enough for one person to do)


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